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The team at Jenna Bayer Garden Design knows that every project is unique and we will work closely with you to provide services that best suit your budget, schedule, and style. After an initial consultation we provide you with a Master Plan that lists what we believe will be needed to complete a successful project.

Our services include

  • Public and private garden design
  • Swimming pool and spa areas
  • Water features
  • Entertainment areas
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Sustainable design & maintenance
  • Horticulture education
  • Historical restoration
  • Sculpture and art placement
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation and drainage

Existing Garden Spiffs

Does your garden need a face-lift? We provide quick, cost effective design solutions. We can facilitate the installation or defer to your own management of the process. Spiff can include:

  • Review the health of your current plants and soil
  • Create a gardening plan for the years ahead that will serve as a guide for maintenance and act as an archival document.
  • Add a new feature; patio, fountain, pergola
  • Address concerns; drainage, sun/shade

Complete garden design

  • Conceptual plan through to project completion
  • Project management, often many trades are involved in the construction process and coordination is required. We are well versed in construction practices, and code compliance. We hold installers to the new CalGreen code as well as standard practices in green building.
  • Construction documents provided. Included in these documents are designs of Hardscape, Planting Plan with detailed documentation, Structures, Water Features, Irrigation and Lighting.
  • Construction services and referrals

Events and Staging

Our staff is a talented group of designers that can bring your party or real estate event to the next level. We work with local services to provide rentals, lighting, floral art, furnishings, and garden accents.


Our work is invoiced on a monthly basis. For any materials that we source and purchase on your behalf, we offer industry discounts, include our standard margin, and standard warranties on the material, and require deposits prior to order. All invoices are payable upon receipt. We do accept major credit cards.