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Whether you are a novice to the wonderful world of horticulture or a gardening guru, Jenna Bayer’s Garden Bootcamp is a fun and interactive way to help make your garden dreams come true.

We have many seasonally appropriate classes to choose from. All classes (except Special Forces) are held at Rosemound Farm in Hillsboro from 9am to 1pm. Each class begins with 45 minutes of gardening basics followed by hands-on field labs, a tour of Jenna’s garden to illustrate concepts covered in class and a take-home project/planter.

We are also happy to work by appointment. We encourage groups of 4-8.  We can come to you, or you to us. Tuesday-Thursday in the Bay area or Friday-Monday in the POrtland area.


Basic Training

You will learn the basics of maintaining plant health, soil structure and chemistry including:

  • How mulch can be your best friend
  • Design and layout
  • Plant selection
  • How to deal with pests and pathogens.
Garden Design

After a review of gardening basics, the elements of good garden design are discussed.

  • 5-step plan of garden design
  • Take home planter
  • Review sketches and dimensions
  • Budgets and permits
Vegetable Garden

This spring class is just in time for planning and planting.

  • Veggie beds
  • Planting times
  • Soil enhancement
  • Pest control
  • Irrigation
Special Forces

We now offer the following services for you at home… Garden coaching in your garden to help assess your garden challenges and suggest solutions.

  • ID and care
  • Pests and disease
  • Maintaining and pruning
  • Ideas for new plants

Please contact, for best times to meet.  Areas outside of the SF Peninsula, and Portland Metro, may not be available.

Prop, Nip and Tuck

Put your garden to bed for the winter the right way, so springtime is a breeze and your plants will be happy, healthy and stronger after their long winter’s rest.  We demonstrate shortcuts to get your work done faster, and smarter, with less physical effort.

This season is perfect to propagate specific perennials, by division and cuttings, and transplant woody plants (did you know the roots of woodies typically grow rapidly in winter, and not much at all in summer?).  By using age old methods, the smart and sustainable way, you can grow stronger plants that will be more drought, disease and pest resistant.  Plus you’ll feel so much better looking at a clean garden now, and one that emerges beautifully in spring.  Come join us, and take home many shared plants from Jenna and Lynn’s gardens for FREE!



(free for a limited time)

Saturday, January 22nd,

10-12pm @ Rosemound Farm

  • “The Garden Bootcamp at Rosemound Farm was enlightening and quite enjoyable. Jenna Bayer has the knack of explaining soil chemistry, structure and plant health, things that I have known about for years but have continued to baffle me. I learned so much! Jenna covers just the right amount of material leaving you with the desire to dig in and do more in your garden. It was awesome!”

    -LAURA Oregon
  • "That was the best class on pruning EVER!!  And people around me were saying the same thing. Now I'm walking around looking at the neighbors trees (and our own) with a very critical view of who needs to get their act together and who doesn't.  It's kind of one sided, ---- everybody could do better!  Thanks for the great lesson!!"

    -TERRY Oregon
  • "Over the Labor Day weekend, my sister and  I attended "Garden Bootcamp".  It was one of the best ideas we have ever had.  My sister and I both love to garden, but felt like we needed some professional help with; when to plant, what type of plants grow best in our yard, and how to design the garden so it blooms all year long.  Jenna was fabulous!  And boy, did we learn a lot in a short amount of time.  The class was fun, interactive and everyone was really nice... lunch was yummy too!  We told all of our friends and from now on, this is our birthday and holiday gift to all of our girlfriends!"

    -ROSIE Oregon

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